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bow hunting for beginners

Taking Aim: Beginning Steps To Bowhunting

“There’s more fun in hunting with the handicap of the bow than there is in hunting with the sureness of the gun,” said Fred Bear, the legendary bowhunter. Even if a person has never shot a bow and arrow, they can discover the enjoyment of bowhunting by following these beginning […]

how to string a recurve bow

One Great Way to String Your Recurve Bow and Two Other Bad Ideas

The Mongols terrorized all of Asia and Europe with their recurved bows. Shot from galloping horseback, these compact weapons punctured armored troops hundreds of yards away. The unique shape enabled these warriors to capture a tremendous amount of kinetic energy. Rhett Allain over at breaks down the math and the […]

Archery for Beginners

Archery for Beginners: A Guide to Get Started Today

Fun, addictive, and dare we say…healthy–archery is a fast growing sport that is accessible to any and all comers. Archery is a way to challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Where does one start, however, when getting into the hobby of archery? Do you just pick up a bow and […]

How To Aim A Compound Bow

How To Aim A Compound Bow

A natural bow and a compound bow are two different things. In aiming a conventional bow, you will do it the natural way. However, a compound bow has additional accessories that are used to properly aim it. This type of bow has is equipped with sights and pins that can […]

How To Properly Draw A Compound Bow

How To Properly Draw A Compound Bow

There’s one thing that you should always keep in mind when drawing a compound bow: do not draw a bow that is too heavy for you. You need to use only the proper bows with the right draw length and the right draw weight. This is the first lesson that […]