How To Aim A Compound Bow

How To Aim A Compound Bow

A natural bow and a compound bow are two different things. In aiming a conventional bow, you will do it the natural way.

However, a compound bow has additional accessories that are used to properly aim it. This type of bow has is equipped with sights and pins that can help you hit your target better.

The arrow achieves a faster speed in a compound bow than a traditional bow. There are keys incorrectly aiming a compound bow.

It comes with guides to help you aim it correctly. And to help you with that, here are some tips on properly aiming a compound bow.


Use And Adjust The Right Pin

One website that shares some basic tips about aiming a compound bow is Here is what this website has to say.

With a compound bow, aiming is just like rifle shooting that uses a peep sight. This type of bow has a circular disk for you to look through.

It is attached to the string at your eye level. There is also a sight at the front that has one or more pins. You can adjust these pins for windage and distance.

The pins have to be adjusted to orient them to a certain distance. If the target is 30 yards away, just choose the 30- yard pin. Then draw the bowstring and clip the arrow by your mouth.

the pin with the center of the rear sight. Point the pin’s round end straight on the bullseye. Then exhale and let go of the string.

Practice this method several times until you are comfortable with all the required movements. Over time you will be able to develop the right technique. Aim for a level where you will be less reactive but more stable upon the release of the string.

Have The Right Stance has some words to say about having the right stance. Standing right is your first step in properly aiming a compound bow or any kind of bow for that matter.

First off, you need to stand with shoulder length apart and have the arrow and bow in front of you. Next, draw the arrow back to your face.

If you are right-handed, you will hold the bow with your left and the arrow with your right hand. Use the peep sight ring to look through with one eye closed. This sight ring is the one located on the bowstring.

Then look through the sight ring located on the front. You should be able to see the target in line with the pin. Now release the arrow.

Move Your Weight To Your Back Muscles

Archery also has some useful tips that can help properly aim a compound bow. It is about where you will put your body weight when aiming for the target. Here are the recommendations of this website.

In properly aiming a compound bow, you need to transfer your weight to the back muscles. After you have drawn the arrow and anchored your feet on the ground, transfer the weight of the bow and arrow from your arms towards your muscles at the back.

Holding the bow steady is much easier this way. You can transfer your weight by moving the LAN2 muscles in your drawing arm. These particular muscles include your triceps at the back of your arms. Move them away from your body in an angular motion.

You also need to move your shoulder blade or scapula into your spine. Do it as if you are sketching a circle using your scapula.

LAN2 muscles do not really belong to a muscle group. It is just the term used in archery to refer to the muscles of the triceps that are activated when drawing an arrow from a bowstring.

As soon as you have completely transferred your weight to your back muscles, the arrow will be aligned with your draw elbow.

Your hold will be steady and firm. As you are now properly aligned, you can start the correct aiming method for compound bows described above.

How To Set The Peep Sight And The Pins

Another website publishes additional tips on how to properly use the compound arrow’s peep sight and pins. Here are some of the tips that are useful both for archery beginners and veterans.

There are two sight systems in a compound bow. One is the forward sight consisting of pins and one level. They are attached to bow on its front part. The second is the peep sight which is placed right on the bowstring. This sight is adjusted to the eye when drawing the string.

The pins are set specific distances starting at 20 yards. This is the highest pin. Other pins are set to 30, then 40, then 50 yards. They are considered lower pins. You should know where you should set a pin before you draw a shot.

The fundamental rule is you will aim the bow by lining up the pin with your target, as you can see it using the peep sight.

Therefore, you always have to use the peep sight in aiming for your target. If your dominant eye is already on the target, close your other eye.

Then line your target with the pin. Before you take the shot, be sure that that the bubble is located at the center of the level. This ensures that your arrow is aligned and pointed towards your target.

Steady Aiming Is Important

Steady aiming at the target cannot be overemphasized. This is why we need to give you another tip from Bow Hunting

This website says that proper stance and relaxation is very important in steady aiming. Your LAN2 muscles must not be tensed but steady and firm.

Make sure that all parts of your body are relaxed from your head to your toes. And keep your shoulders down and not up even with the arrow drawn.

Here’s a YouTube video on the proper way of aiming a compound bow. The man in the video is a like a real pro. You can learn a lot from him. Watch and enjoy.

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